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What Fans Say!

Here is a collection of quotes I've found when browsing forums and other sites.

"Scott only won Popstars because the show is watched by millions of teenage girls and they all thought Scott was cute! They didn't vote for talent because otherwise Danielle would've won"

"I am glad that Danielle didn't win Popstars because she has so much talent and people think less of winners of Popstars than people who do it on their own. Danielle Rocks and I'm glad that people are not saying she's a Popstars Puppet!"

"You people that are saying bad things about Danielle...It is only because she has talent and your jealous!"

"Danni is soo talented! I hate it when people bag her out, she is the best singer by far and she should've won Popstars. I think the polls are rigged"

" Danielle should have won hands down with her talent!!!!!! That young lady will reach the same stature of Kylie Minogue and many other Australians"

"Danielle was heaps better, she is more serious about the whole popstar future and sure had a better voice... Congratulations to Danielle for making it to number 2. I feel that Danielle will succeed more in her future with stardom"