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*The 3rd Eviction*

After 6,000 auditions four boys and three girls were picked to compete for solo Popstar status. The first two eliminations from a national phone poll saw seasoned male performers Troy and Azaria dumped by the general public

The judges were worried who would be next.

"To be quite honest I was quite surprised. Three singer-songwriters the judges put in, three singer-songwriters the public's taken out," Popstars judge Chris Murphy said.

James has been singing from the age of four, writing and performing his own material for years but he and his number one fan, sister Kathleen, insist his career is now just beginning.

"I appreciate everyone who voted for me and I hope I put a smile on their faces," James said.

"I'm dreaming of going out now and getting a recording contract, performing for people and making them happy. What Popstars has done has made me realise it's just there and motivated me so much."

"My friends at home are constantly saying 'he's going to win, he's going to win'. It'll be interesting to go home," Kathleen said.

As the Popstars team shrinks each week, the judges Matt Medcraf, Jackie O and Chris Murphy remain stunned by the public's choices.

Now Scott Cain is the only male Popstar left.

"I think we all thought it would be one of the girls, purely because so far the guys have been going," Jackie O said.

"I'm sure Scott's in the panic room as we speak, isn't he?" Mr Medcraf said.

But Scott remains unfazed by the challenge.

"I'm the last man standing. How can I feel vulnerable? I feel strong," he said.

And even the other Popstars finalists were surprised.

"James has been the biggest shock for me so far," Danielle Stearman said.

"He writes beautiful songs and has a fantastic voice. What are the public thinking?" Julie Strickland said.

As we get down to a fresh week of voting, Danielle, Scott, Julie and Cherie begin rehearsing new singles.

The ultimate winner will release their first solo CD.

Vote for your favourite Popstar by calling 1902 555 777.