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Swaine's Encounter Report!

I met all the Popstars finalists at the Popstars concert in north Sydney. When I arrived at 9am James was outside with his guitar getting ready 2 go inside. He signed autographs and posed for photos. Then one by one the rest of the finalists came out to meet us (there was only 5 of us). Danielle was the only one that didn't come out of the front door. I spotted Danielle walking down the street as she was clearing her head because Scott was giving her a head ache!! We had our photos taken with every finalist that was there. They were all so nice. After the performance we went out the front and Azaria was there and he said hi to me which I find very weird. Then we headed out back to see the finalists again and there they were. Danielle was filming us with her camera and I touched her foamy shoes. Julie was on the phone and James had already taken off. Scott came over to us and was talking to us saying "I'm going to win". hmmm how did he know? Then it was time to leave because the finalists were all leaving. When they were in the Tarago driving past us Azaria took a photo of us. That wasn't the last I would have seen of them!!