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*Stars in their Eyes!*

They're doing deep breathing exercises and hearts are beating with anticipation at the popstars' secret hideaway. But as the clock ticks towards pop central's first eviction this weekend, it's still business as usual.

Today the team have vocal training with mentor and coach Mark Williams.

"I hear great qualities in every one of them," he said.

"I think they see me as aunty dad ... you tend to get close when you're looking into each other's eyes and mouths."

"Since day one that we met Mark I think every person here has come such a long way," Danielle Stearman said.

A CD has just been released with seven versions of Stevie Wonder's hit Superstition and last night the popstars delivered a combined jam for Today Tonight viewers.

Mr Williams heard it for the first time today and loved it.

For Julie Strickland, it is the first time she has had any singing lessons.

"I've never had vocal training so it's just fantastic for me to be having singing lessons and just getting all their - how the voice works - I never knew, I just sing," she said.

Azaria appreciates Mr Williams' experience and flexibility.

"Everyone has a different singing technique or a different style and he's adapted towards that style," Azaria said.

And Mr Williams admits it will be hard to say good-bye to one of the team, who will be voted off on Friday.

"The bond's got very strong and I don't think I've ever felt this before," he said.

Viewer phone-ins will decide who packs their bags each week.

To vote for your favourite popstar, dial 1902 555 777.