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Rumour - Danielle was rumoured to be dating Scott Cain.

This rumour is false, Danielle says that their relationship was purely platonic and besides, Scott has a partner (the mother of baby Zoe)

Rumour - Cherie and Danielle hate each other and had bitch fights off screen

This is false as a fan said in the Popstars forum "I asked Danielle if she was fighting with Cherie and Danielle said that Cherie was a cool chick and she even let her borrow a dress for a premiere"

Rumour - The girls didn't sing "All seats taken" because Cherie complained too much that she hated it offscreen.

This is completely false!!! The single was reserved by Holly Valance, so they didn't have the rights to the song, but now it is Bec Cartwright that'd released it!

Rumour - Danielle and Brodie Young from Big Brother are dating.

This is false, they are only friends!!!

Rumour - Scott Cain is going to be a guest on Celebrity Big Brother

This was confirmed but he didn't end up appearing..

Rumour - Scott Cain and James Campbell are secret lovers.

This is completely false!!! First Danielle and now James??? No, Scott and James are JUST friends, nothing more!!!

Rumour - Danielle wears rings on all her fingers except the fourth finger on the left. Is she hinting that she's engaged but doesn't want people to know?

No! Danielle is not engaged!!! She is currently single and well, she doesn't wear a ring on that finger for the obvious reason! That she is NOT engaged or married!!!

Rumour - Danielle has dated all the guys at Pop Central.

This is all completely false!!! As Danielle has said in an interview, a radio station held a thing called 'Who's the blonde with?" And they started rumours that Danielle was dating James one week, Azaria the other, James again and then when he left, it was Scott. She didn't date Troy either because he is married...Danielle didn't date ANYONE in the house!!!