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"A crush on any of the girls? Well there's only one Danielle!" - Scott Cain (TV HITS)

"A catchy pop song with a 'Sex and the City' tutu-party in her room naturally!" Channel V on Danielle's Tell me if you like it!

"If she doesn't get anything out of this, I'll bare my bum in public" Danielle on fellow hopeful Julie Strickland!

"And fantastically spunky Danielle Stearman is out behind Scott Cain's shadow and onto the show with a new video!" Channel V On Danielle's Tell me if you like it - again!

"My mum said that I'd be a princess...and a popstar" Azaria on childhood memories!

"And here's Danielle....up six spots with 'Tell me if you like it'" Kyle Sandilands on Celebrity Big Brother.

"Scott's got to work on his communication skills" Danielle on staying in touch with Scott Cain.