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Mel's Encounter Report

I live in the country, down near the border between NSW and VIC. So I guess the chances of meeting celebrities are very unlikely compared to some people who do live in the city areas. But a few weeks before the school holidays, Danielle told me her instore dates and venues and I saw that the Blacktown instore was a good date to go and see her! So yeah I begged my parents heaps and well on the first week of the holidays, I started the 9 hour trip down to Sydney! It's only 9 hours to the outskirts, so by the time I reached Sydney Central, it was like 10 hours. I went down to Pitt Street and bought a few copies of Tell me if you like it. I crashed that night, totally exhausted so I slept until about....8am on Tuesday... Well I got up and ready and was down at Central Station by about 8.15am. Me, My sister and mum caught the next train to Blacktown. It took about 40 mins. I got to Westpoint at about 9am and knowing that it started at 12.30 I walked around a bit. I bought about 2 more copies of Tell me if you like it and another copy of Superstition. I went down the the centre stage at about 10 and got some stuff to eat. At 10.30 I started to wait in front of the stage, so I got a good view :). During that time, I started talking to a few little girls who kept on commenting how Danielle didn't look like her in the video clip. They said she looked like Jackie O!  At like 11am my brother, aunt and nan and pop came down to Westpoint as well so I had like 3 generations of my family there! LOL, By 12 I started to get annoyed. I had a group of little kids around me and every 5 mins they'd ask me for the time. 12.30 FINALLY came and the Hot 30 guy came out and introduced the Supr'e Bombshells. After them everyone started crowding and getting excited. The Hot 30 held a comp for free copies of Danielle's CD, after that, everyone really screamed for Danielle!!!! She performed "A piece of my heart" and "Tell me if you like it". When she finished her performance she started signing. I started a conversation with the Hot 30 guy and he asked me if I voted for Danielle and I told him my phone bill was like $300 worth of calls to Popstars <thats no joke, I did spend that much coz I used my mobile and home combined ;)> and I showed him what I had for Danielle to sign. I had 1 copy of Tell me if you like it, 1 copy of Superstition, an autograph book, some posters and a Danielle T-shirt. The guy then yelled out "We have a special fan here!" When I got to Danni, I told her who I was and gave her a pack of her favourite lollies! My sister told me that I was the first one to get her a gift and everyone else started going to get her one! Danielle was the biggest sweetie ever and we talked about how she met Bert Newton. After signing everything it was the sad moment where I had to go, but after Danni had left, the Hot 30 guys gave me about 3 of the posters they had up for display :-D Well I had an awesome time and Danni is the greatest person I've ever met!!! I wouldn't trade this in for anything, and I'm also willing to go that far again! Danni has the greatest personality ever so yeah.....Popstars is right! She is Number 1 ;)