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Why is the place such a mess?

Danielle - We all put in at the start, but I think it's just slowly got worse

Julie - Luckily we have cleaners coming in to clean up!

Who does the cooking?

James - I'm not cooking. I just eat whatever I can find. We just don't care.

Scott - Troy was the main cook in the family

Danielle - We were cooking more earlier on.

James - We eat out more now than we eat in.

Are you allowed to go out wherever and whenever you want?

Cherie - Yeah, as long as we don't have anything on and that we're back by a certain time. Like yesterday we had to be back by 11pm because Smash Hits was coming to visit this morning.

Do you all go out together or do you prefer to have time apart?

Danielle - No, we do go out together

Julie - I'm going out with these guys cos it's not going to last forever

Cherie, living in Sydney must make going out easier for you?

Cherie - Yeah, it is and it isn't. Sometimes you're probably better off being a little bit disconnected, but it's still been good seeing my family and catching up with friends.

Are you getting recognised a lot?

Scott - Yeah, Everyone asks who wins! Yesterday I got asked who won and I'm like, "It's not over yet!"

Who takes the longest to get ready?

The girls - The boys!

Ok boys, who takes the longest in the bathroom out of the three girls?

Scott (to Cherie): You take a while with your make-up and your hair.

Cherie - Yeah, I colour my hair twice a week.

Is it competitive in the house?

Danielle - Everyone you meet says it's not competitive, but I disagree - it is. You're not here for nothing, you're here to win.

Julie - But I think the competitive thing is that you want to get up there and do your best.

James - I'm not here to beat these people.

But don't you want to win Popstars?

James - Winning isn't everything. I want to bring up my children and my wife, and have a great life. I want to be in the industry now and this is the way to do it.

Who spends the most time on their mobile phone?

All except James - James!

Who is he on the phone to every five minutes?

Danielle - We don't know. He won't say!

Who's been calling the rest of you?

Cherie - It's usually people we haven't spoken to for, like, five years. They're like "What are you up to? What are you doing?" and we're like "Who's this?" and they say "Do you remember I had chemistry with you in Year 8?" and it's like "How did you get my number?"

Julie - People I went to primary school with want to get together and it's like "Hey, how did you get my number?" because I haven't contacted or known these people since Year 6 and I'm like "I don't even know you!"

Cherie - Yeah, it's pretty wierd.