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Danielle was one of 25 finalists in the First series of Popstars.

Danielle was the tallest of all girls at POP CENTRAL.

Danielle had to move to Azaria's room when Hot 30's Labrat visited Pop central.

Danielle still keeps in contact with hopefuls not only from the 3rd series but also the 1st!!!

Katie Underwood (Undercover angels, ex-bardot) said that she had a soft spot for Danielle!

Danielle wasn't in the first cattle-call episode for either the 1st or 3rd series.

The single originally chosen for Danielle to sing titled "All seats taken" was taken by Neighbours star Holly Valance and is now released by Home and Away star Rebecca Cartwright! That was why they couldn't have the song!

Popstars 3 Finalist James Campbell is an extra in the Scooby Doo movie!!!

Azaria's real name is Daniel Byrnes (Thanx to "Azaria's anonymous school friend")

Danielle was the only female in the house rumoured to be dating another finalist in Pop Central.

Danielle was in the first series of Popstars - another auditionee was Imogen Bailey!!! Australia's sexiest model and Celebrity Big Brother housemate. Another fact is that Danielle went further than Imogen did! Danielle made it to the final 25 whereas Imogen didn't even make it past the second audition.