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Danielle Interview

Exclusive to Danielle Online

*What was your first thought when Warner Music told you they were going to release your single?

Honestly, my first thought was ďwoohoo I get to go out and have dinner to celebrate, so the first thought was which restaurant to go toĒ and then of course I ran around my house like a lunatic and called all my friends!! *haha*

*Were you going to give up after Popstars?

No way!! The key to being successful in any industry is to take the good with the bad, learn from experiences, believe in yourself and NEVER give up!! Even if Warners hadnít of wanted to release the single, Iíd still be out there trying to get a recording deal and just getting out there.. Iím living proof that not giving up means that good things eventuate!! If I had given up after the first series of popstars I wouldnít have had the opportunities I am receiving now.

*Why didn't you do the video clip that was planned for you during the series?

I was actually really disappointed that the concept from the show wasnít still used for my clip, because I was really excited about doing the whole funky club thing. But, thatís just one of those times where as a new artist you donít really have a lot of artistic control and youíre better off leaving it to the expertsÖ by the next film clip I will have more say and so on.. You need to develop a name for yourself before you go suggesting ways to do things. You learn by experiences and my next film clip is guaranteed to be funky!! *YaY*

*If you do release more cds, would you be doing your own songs?

Iím actually in the process of working with some Melbourne-based songwriters at the moment.. so I definitely want to get my own stuff out there!! Itís cool if youíre singing a song written by someone else, you can try and put your own spin on it, but doing your own thing definitely means you can make it your own song. Itís about creating your own style.

*If you didn't end up releasing 'Tell me if you like it' and it went to another artist, what would you say to them if you met them face to face?

Umm am I suppose to say that Iíd knock them out??? *laughs* Not that I ever would. No, I donít know what I would say, probably ďHi Iím Danielle, nice to meet you..Ē That sounds a bit naf doesnít it.. Sorry Iím just not that exciting. *haha*

*Describe yourself in 3 words...


*Fans think that you have the best personality in the world, but the thing they worry about is that your going to let your fame get to your head. Do you think this will happen?

No way!! Iím a country girl at heart and if itís one thing that Iíve been brain-washed with as a child itís to never forget where you came from. I treat people the way in which I hope to be treated, with kindness and respect. I hate bullies. I was never the most popular girl, but I always had a really funky group of friends that I still see today

*How come you were the only female rumoured to be dating someone in Pop Central?

I have no idea!!! laughs* I often thought about that.. probably because Cherie and Julie both had boyfriends. I think itís just one of those things.. Iím easy going and I get along with most people so I think Iím always going to be rumoured dating someone.. I have a lot of guy friends simply because I enjoy their company.. I think the most recent rumour is that Iím dating Brodie from Big Brother and even though we are friends and he is a spunk, unfortunately thatís as exciting as it gets!!! Sorry guys.. but if there are any developments I will keep you all posted.. *grins*


Thanx babe!

Youíre very welcome :)

I would like to thank the wonderful Danielle for letting me interview her. I hope that YOU..Danielle's Fans...Have had some of your questions answered. Please note, this interview is Exclusive to Danielle is Genuine!!!

Thankyou Danielle....You rock sweetie!