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Popstars Series 3 Episode Guide

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Episode 1

POPSTARS is back, bigger and better. This time around, the road to Popstardom will be more emotional and challenging than ever before. It’s an all new Popstars with new tough judges, new talent hungry for success and a brand new mission – to find a solo performer with the potential for local and international success. And in a POPSTARS world first - after the judges have selected their short list - you get to choose the pop star! Spurred on by the spectacular success of POPSTARS’ groups BARDOT and SCANDAL'US, record numbers have turned up around the country once again for their shot at fame and fortune. The quality and variety of talent on offer has never been higher. Thousands and thousands have arrived with many of the hopefuls challenging the traditional POPSTARS perception. Singer/songwriters, instrumentalists and established performers are among the record breaking crowds all vying for a recording contract, instant fame and the life of a pop star. Much respected Radio DJ, Channel Seven personality and POPSTARS veteran Jackie O returns to head the judging panel. Joining Jackie this time around is music industry heavy weight Chris "The Undertaker" Murphy. In a career that has seen him head radio stations and record companies, Chris is best known as manger of worldwide supergroup INXS. Along with his impressive list of credentials, Chris brings with him a well-established reputation for speaking his mind. The third judge on the panel, Warner Music executive Matt Medcraf, has nurtured the careers of many of the music industry's top acts, including POPSTARS’ very own BARDOT. With Warner Music set to sign up the latest Popstar, Matt has a vested interest in ensuring Popstars viewers have the very best shortlist to choose from. The numbers are beyond all expectations. To weed out the good from the bad, the first day of auditions in each state will take the form of a cattle call. The three-week road trip is grueling, and the judges will end up listening to countless aspiring pop stars. The toughest job of all, however - the final selection - will be left up to the viewers. After a vocal warm up, it's straight down to business. With thousands around the country waiting for their turn, each POPSTAR hopeful has only a few seconds to impress the judges. For some, the auditions are a costly affair. Sydney’s Cherie Lucas has spent over two thousand dollars flying down to the Launceston auditions. Cherie’s and her Mum’s investment has paid off, and if all goes well, Cherie may be heading home to Sydney with her dreams of Popstardom closer than ever... ...many other hopefuls unfortunately fall victim to their nerves and have their dreams dashed in an instant. The judges have already listened to thousands of hopefuls, and so far over one hundred have been invited back for a one on one audition the following day. Despite the gruelling schedule, the panel cannot afford to lose focus for a moment. The next auditionee may just end up being THE ONE. As auditions continued around the country, Chris’ reputation as a straight talker showed no signs of easing up. During the long audition process, Chris and Matt sometimes find the motivation behind some of their decisions open to question. But it’s not only the boys that get accused of falling for a pretty face... While traditionally judges tend to present a poker face during auditions, Matt tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. The standard and diversity of talent around the country throughout the cattle call stage has been extraordinary, and the job of selecting a shortlist from which the viewers will choose the winner seems more difficult than ever.

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Episode 2
It’s the critical second day of intimidating one-on-one auditions and the panel are pulling out all the stops to get the numbers down. Each auditionee has only a few minutes to show the panel why they should be in the running to become the world’s first solo winner of POPSTARS. Their task is to select the best possible short-list from which you will choose the POPSTAR. The recall auditions are a serious business. The search for a solo performer has unearthed some impressive talent and the panel, Chris Murphy, Matt Medcraf and Jackie O know they have a difficult job ahead. The day starts with a rigorous dance session. Part warm up and part skills test - it’s an opportunity for the judges to assess those for whom dance would play a major part in their stage performance. For those recalled only one in three will make it through. The auditionees are having to pull out all the stops to impress the judges. For husband and wife musical team, Troy and Trevelyn, their inevitable separation is postponed once again as they make it through. 18 year old Gabriel Cabrera’s strong belief in his own talents has resulted in him making a life changing decision. Gabriel believes in his own talents to the extent that he has gambled his job for a chance at Popstardom. He walked out on his hairdressing job in order to make the auditions. Unfortunately for him, the news is bad – the judges turn him down and he’s devastated. But, as Chris points out, ‘There’s an old saying in Show biz – "Don’t give up your day job!"’ The judges have a problem. They already have twice as many successful candidates than the workshop can accommodate… and they still have over 100 hopefuls yet to see. Sports store assistant and rapper, Adam Crook is passionate about rap and has been writing and developing his rhymes for over two years – and driving his mother mad in the process! The judges see potential and Adam has some good news for his Mum – he’s through to the next round. 21 year old singer/songwriter Azaria’s memorable performance at the Brisbane cattle calls, with the flower for Jackie, won him a second audition. And Azaria’s cousin Julie also makes it through to the next level. After impressing the judges with her powerful rendition of Lady Marmalade during the cattle call, gym assistant Naomi Palmer is back. It’s crunch time for Naomi, but her performance doesn’t impress the judges enough. Her view: "They wouldn’t know talent if it bit them on the a….!" After viewing hundreds of call-backs, the shortlist is at last finalised. It’s from this list that the 25 workshop contenders will be chosen. Despite all the tough decisions, the tears and dramas, the judges still have five times more candidates than available places at the workshop. Decisions have to be made.

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Episode 3
In this episode, it’s up to the judges to decide who will make it through. Only 25 can be selected for the week of intensive auditions & evaluation in the Blue Mountains – the stage that will bring us one step closer to YOU choosing the world’s first solo POPSTAR. Across the country, the short-listed anxiously await the news… and the POPSTAR hopefuls finally receive a phone call that could change their life forever. The judging panel, Matt Medraf, Chris Murphy and Jackie O, now need to look back at the shortlist of 125, one by one. Only 1 in 5 will make it through. Waiting for the phone call with his brother in Launceston, Karl Graziano feels that he made the right connection with the judges. Karl’s had a lifelong dream of breaking into showbiz, but he knows the competition is tough. So tough, in fact, that he hasn’t made it through this time! Cle from Perth wants a chance of Popstardom, but she knows that the grueling schedule could put a strain on motherhood. After a bit of teasing from Jackie, she learns the news that she’s in. Queenslander Troy Brady and Zimbabwe born wife Trevelyn perform regularly as a duo, but the judges are assessing them individually. Inevitably the success of one will split the team, but the chance of popstardom is just too good to pass up. It’s good news as both Troy and Trevelyn make it through. That brings the tally up to 7 who have made it through, 33 who have been rejected. Azaria gets the call. It’s good news, Chris has pushed him through even though the other two objected, so it comes with some serious words of advice from him: "Don’t jerk around or you’ll be out on the first day!" With her sister beside her for support, Azaria’s cousin Julie also nervously awaits a call from the judges. She also makes it through, much to the delight of her sister. Knowing the stakes are high, Melbourne’s Tess Collard has her best friend and brother alongside her for support. The phone rings… she’s also made it to the Sydney workshop. Sports Store assistant Adam Crook got through the recall day on the strength of his rap. But putting everything into it would mean a move from Perth to Sydney - away from his girlfriend. He gets the call from Jackie – it’s not good news – he’s not wanted for the Sydney workshop. With 65 eliminated and 13 chosen, there are still some tough decisions to be made. Sales assistant Valentinna Mehdizadeh charmed the judges from the word go with her outgoing and cheeky personality. She gets the call from Chris. He tells her she’s in, but he’s perplexed – she’s very subdued and reacting as if the news is bad! Valentinna hangs up the phone and Chris is baffled – did she realise that he’d just told her she is through? She leaves the room looking as if she is in tears only to return moments later with her suitcase and telling her family the news that she’s off to Sydney. Valentinna had been winding everybody up! The whole family jumps for joy at her good news! Having made it through to the final 12 on Popstars two years ago, clothing store manager Danielle Stearman couldn’t resist another shot at her dream. She gets the call to tell her that she has again made it through to the workshop. Sydney’s Cherie Lucas flew with her mother to Launceston at their own expense when she couldn’t make it to her hometown auditions. At home in Sydney, Cherie nervously awaits the phone call with the support of her workmates. Cherie dreams of one day trading in her job as a performer at Sydney’s Wonderland for a much bigger audience. And today may just be that day. Finally it’s the phone call Cherie’s been looking forward to and dreading all morning – the news is good and her friends are delighted! Adelaide’s Luke Fassbender certainly impressed the judges with his singing and songwriting, but does he have the complete package? It appears that the judges think he might, as he receives the call and it’s a "yes" to the Sydney workshop. There’s no doubting that Simon Russell Baker has an impressive voice, but does he have what it takes to sell records? The call arrives that Simon, his mother and friends have been waiting for all morning. It’s not good news – he has the talent but he’s not exactly what the judges are looking for. The judges have done it - from the thousands who turned up at the cattle calls around the country, they have reduced the numbers down to 25. It’s now time for them to begin finalising their shortlist of the very best talent from which YOU will choose the POPSTAR.

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Episode 4
The excited hopefuls arrive at the Blue Mountains for a week of intensive auditions, but nobody has any idea just how tough it will really be. Within less than 24 hours many will be returning home with their dreams of Popstardom in tatters. Together for the first time, they’re about to battle it out for a place in the final shortlist – from which YOU get to choose the world’s first solo Popstar. All that’s certain at this point is that those remaining at the end of the week will show strong skills as a solo artist – but the style of performance is totally up to the individual. With some having travelled since sunrise, they finally arrive at the Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. After a quick check-in, it’s straight off to a welcome reception, where the finalists will have a rare chance to meet the judges socially. From tomorrow, it will be under very different circumstances. In the relaxed atmosphere, it doesn’t take long for the girls to realise there is more than just musical talent among the male members of the group… There will be many temptations to divert their attention over the week, but after the icebreakers, it’s down to business. Tomorrow the formal judging begins, but tonight, the group is given the opportunity to jam informally. Even during these sessions though, they are aware of the judges’ eyes constantly on them… and after splitting into male and female groups, it doesn’t take long for the individuals to vie for the spotlight… Tonight the singing is purely for fun, but tomorrow, a wrong note or forgotten word could mean the end of their popstar dream. It’s day one of the workshop. Cameron Mitchell – one of Australia’s leading choreographers – has been brought on board to assist each of the group in their performance techniques and take them through daily warm ups and dance routines. Even the musicians among the group will have to demonstrate an ability to follow direction. Some have already got what it takes… for others, it’s totally new territory. Chris Murphy, Matt Metcraf and Jackie O scrutinize their every move. Valentinna and Emma easily pick up the routine, but for Azaria, the choreography is just too complex and he decides to call time out in his own unique way – flopped out on the floor! The final popstar will have to perform on stage and in music videos. Movement is important – but vocal ability is essential. The first assignment is for them all to perform their own version of the new Bardot release ‘Love Will Find a Way’. The challenge will be for each of the contestants to take the basic song and adapt it to their own individual style. Most pick up the tune easily – but the real challenge will be to perform without the aid of a lyric sheet later in the afternoon. As they rehearse, the group bond more and more, helping each other to learn the tune… but in less than 4 hours, a handful will already be saying goodbye to their new friends. Azaria isn’t the only one taking the rehearsals lying down. Tess takes time out from her rehearsals to play fan rather than popstar. For those choosing to play an instrument, there are only 2 hours left to master the chords. Instrumental skills are a bonus… but not if it takes precious rehearsal time away from the all-important vocals. For Danielle Stearman, it’s not the first time she’s been under the pressure of an intensive Popstar workshop – 2 years ago she was in the final running for the group that was to become Bardot. She explains that her father was ill at the time which was a major distraction. This time around, she feels it is the right time for her, and she is prepared to give it her best shot. Prepared or not, it’s showtime and the final chance today for each of the auditionees to convince the judges that they should stay. Under the spotlight, many forget the words. Though he spent all morning rehearsing the chords, Luke decides to heed the warning of judges and drop the guitar. Despite a shaky start, Troy pushes on with the support of the crowd. Trevelyn is clearly affected by her husband Troy’s performance, but now she must focus on her own if she is to see it through to the next day. Robert Edward’s unique interpretation immediately makes the song his own. Although the competition is fierce, the auditionees support each whole-heartedly throughout the performances. With each auditionee giving the song their own individual stamp, it’s easy to forget that they are performing the very same piece. Having just performed along with 25 of Australia’s very best, the atmosphere is electric. While the panel make their final decisions, the group enjoys the moment. But a moment is all they have because Chris, Matt and Jackie are about to change the mood dramatically. It’s the business end of the day. The harsh reality of what the Popstars workshop is all about hits home as they traipse in to meet the judges one-by-one. First to face the panel is James Campbell. James comes close to being eliminated but is given another chance. Others make it through, but for Braden and Amy, it’s the end of a lifelong dream. However, they won’t be the only ones going home today... Emma knows her performance today was not 100 percent and has prepared herself for the worst. Despite her shaky performance, the judges see potential, and Emma makes it through. From the first day Brie Slater auditioned alongside her mother, she’s been on the roller coaster ride that budding popstars face again and again… unfortunately for her, the judges decide that the ride is over this time. Elise is also told that she will not be coming back tomorrow. For Braden, Elise, Amy and Brie, it’s back to square one - finding another avenue to chase their dream. While the remaining 21 finalists can breathe a momentary sigh of relief, the harsh reality is that within 24 hours almost half of them will be gone.

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Episode 5
It’s the closing stages of the workshop and the judges have given the group their final task – to perform a song of their choice in concert at the end of the day. The auditionees know that at every moment they are being assessed but after a late night, Dann and James fail to show up to the crucial morning briefing. Matt confronts them and warns them that they are skating on thin ice. Despite being worse for wear, Dann and James try to make up for their wrong-doings, but choreographer Cameron Mitchell’s increasingly complex routines start to test everyone’s concentration. Azaria, it seems, is not taking the dance element seriously, and Chris decides to pull him aside. Yet again, Azaria is told to tow the line and give it his best shot. While the auditionees rehearse for their final assessment, the reality is some won’t even get the opportunity to perform. The judges, under constant pressure to reduce numbers, can and will eliminate at any time. Watching every rehearsal, they look for those who appear to have gone as far as they can go. Cle is having problems of her own. The almost constant singing has strained her voice. To help condition the vocal chords, voice coach Mark Williams encourages Cle to down a mixture of raw egg and vinegar. It’s a hard-to-swallow remedy but Cle knows she needs all the help she can get if she is to give the performance her best shot. While rehearsals progress, the judges ask to see three of the finalists – Christie, Phillip and Chantel - privately. Unfortunately for these three, the news is bad and they’re packing their bags to go home. Their dismissal is a brutal reminder for the remaining 18 that at any moment they too could be eliminated. In the run up to the performance, it’s hair, make-up and fashion time. The auditionees get a small taste of star treatment as Jackie and fashion consultant Lucie Ferber work on their image and styling. While most choose to consult the hair and makeup artists, Azaria takes styling into his own hands, deciding to pierce his ear without anaesthetic. Lucie and Jackie are not impressed – he’s definitely a strange one that Azaria! It’s almost showtime, and the finalists shake off their tensions with a spontaneous jam session. Emotions run high as the reality hits that this is the very last hour that they will share together as a group. The first finalist up is Queenslander Troy Brady. His performance is good. And the verdict from the judges is also good – he’s through. Dann is an accomplished songwriter but knows that after a less-than-perfect performance a few days ago, he has no room to falter. He gives it his best shot but it’s not enough for the judges – he’s dumped! Cara has worked hard on engaging the audience – now it’s time to put it into practice. She performs well. There’s no doubting that Cara is talented but the judges must get the numbers down. Unfortunately for Cara, she’s done well, but not well enough. She is also eliminated. After the trauma of almost losing her voice, it’s crunch-time for Cle. When put to the test, Cle managed to overcome persistent problems with her voice – but in the end, was it a winning performance? Not with the judges – she’s eliminated. As she returns in tears to tell the others, she mentions that she’s particularly upset because she won’t get to wear her black dress to the final party! Robert has strong instrumental and song-writing skills, but now he must show he’s a cut above the rest. He performs well enough for the judges to let him progress to the next stage. Chris told Emma on Day 1 of the workshop that she needed to vastly improve… has she managed to rise to his expectations? After a strong performance, it appears she has as she also gets through. Scott’s signature light-hearted approach is about to be put to the biggest test yet… It’s a lively performance and once again, Scott’s energetic stage presence has won the judges over. Danielle Stearman finally gets the chance she narrowly missed out on at the Popstars workshop two years ago. Danielle performs well and the judges like what they see – she’s through. Luke’s up next and he too makes it through. Next to take the stage is Brisbane’s Julie Strickland. Julie has had a bit of a make-over which, combined with her strong performance, is enough to get her through to the next round. Camelia chose a song she was emotionally attached to and it made for a moving performance. But will it work in her favour with the judges? Unfortunately not and she is dumped. Tess Collard puts aside her 14 years of dance lessons to concentrate on her vocal performance. She performs well and progresses on to the next round. Once again for Valentinna, movement plays an integral part of her performance. After a bit of teasing from the judges, she’s through. Sydney girl Cherie has given her performance a new edge with her style makeover. She sings her song well. The judges are keen to know if Cherie thinks that the $2,000 she spent getting to Hobart was money well spent. She says that she thinks it was – the judges agree as they let her through to the next round. Ronwyn decides to give a Metallica song a unique, sensitive interpretation. The judges obviously aren’t in the mood for "sensitive" as they give Ronwyn the thumbs down! On day one of the workshop, Trevelyn had the judges concerned when she buckled under emotional pressure. With husband Troy already through, can their Popstar partnership make it through another round? After a confident performance, Trevelyn is on a high. Unfortunately, her high turns to a low as the judges deliver their verdict – she’s out. The fact that Troy and Trevelyn knew their separation was inevitable makes it no easier now that the moment has arrived. James didn’t impress Jackie with his makeup – but can he now impress with his musical talents? Apparently, yes. He’s through. From the cattle call stage, Azaria has always split the judges. Today they must be unanimous in their decision if he is to make it through. Azaria’s performance seems to go without a hitch, but still he’s not taking any chances – he again has a flower for Jackie and a kiss on her hand to end his performance. This time, the judges are unanimous – Azaria gets to stay. It’s the end of an incredible week. The bonding between auditionees, judges and coaches alike, and the friendships formed are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But with Troy in and Trevelyn out, it’s a bitter-sweet moment. For the unsuccessful auditionees it’s the long journey home. Still, they manage to put on a brave face, taking away their memories and a wealth of experience. It’s champagne and dinner time as tonight the triumphant 12 can finally relax … but from tomorrow they begin their agonising wait while the judges decide on the final shortlist from which YOU will choose the world’s first solo Popstar. Who will it be… Troy, Robert, Emma, Scott, Danielle, Luke, Julie, Tess, Valentina, Cherie, James or Azaria?

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Episode 6
12 hopefuls made it through the workshop. Now the tension mounts as each anxiously awaits their fate. Taking on board advice from vocal coach Mark Williams and choreographer Cameron Mitchell, the judges agonise over their final decision. Each of the 7 finalists they choose must have what it takes to be THE Popstar. The long wait is nearly over... the judges are on their way around the country to deliver the verdict to the final 12. Who will make it in? Who will be out? 20 year-old Danielle Stearman from Victoria is no stranger to the Popstars process. Danielle made it to the final stages in Popstars two years ago but was unable to continue. Danielle’s family have shared the highs and lows throughout the Popstars process. Matt arrives to give Danielle the news. Danielle’s family and friends give the pair a little privacy and wait nervously in the kitchen for the news. After a long winded explaination about the judging process, Matt eventually ends Danielle’s suspense – she’s off to Sydney! The hard work and persistance has paid off for Danielle - now her future life as a Popstar is in your hands. Queenslander Emma Wilson has had plenty of time to get anxious about her future whist waiting for one of the judges to arrive with the news. A singer and part time receptionist, 20 year-old Emma initially saw the judges undecided. However, once at the workshop Emma proved herself at each stage to have what it takes. It's now over to former INXS manager Chris Murphy to give Emma the judges’ verdict. Unfortunately, the news isn’t good, and Emma won’t be going to Pop Central. Emma's dreams of becoming a Popstar have vanished. Meanwhile, in the Perth suburb of Queens Park, Matt Medcraf is preparing to break the news to a decidedly up-beat Scott Cain. A 20 year-old furniture polisher, Scott Cain has added his own fun-loving sense of humour to the Popstars process. His energetic style and unique character have made him a favourite with the Popstar finalists. Scott’s cousin and friends are convinced that he is destined for great things. While his mates wait anxiously for the result Matt holds Scott’s future in his hands. Scott Cain and his best mates have had enough of Matt’s small talk and are desperate for him to just get to the point. However, it’s worth the wait – Scott is also going to Sydney – his destiny is now in your hands. 25 year-old Troy Brady has always performed music with his wife Trevelyn. They made it through the audition process together, at each stage knowing they would inevitably be separated. It was at the workshop that the inevitable happened. While Troy made it into the final 12, Trevelyn was not so lucky. With the disappointment of his wife’s elimination still fresh in his mind, Troy is about to learn from Chris where his fate lies. As Trevelyn and Troy's family wait nearby, the suspense is almost unbearable. This time, Chris is the bearer of good news – Troy has been given the thumbs up. Like the rest of the workshop 12, 24 year-old Sydney-sider Robert Edwards hopes to be the next person to fulfill his dream and make the final 7. Robert’s girlfriend, brother and friends are all on hand for support – which is just as well, as Jackie delivers the bad news to Robert that he hasn’t made the final 7. 22 year-old student and sales assistant from Victoria, Valentinna Mehdizdeh, has waited for her big chance for a long time. Her enthusiastic and stylish performances have taken her a long way during the auditions... as has her outgoing and confident personality. Valentinna’s nerves are on edge as she waits for Matt to deliver the verdict on her future. It’s not good news – Valentinna has also reached the end of her Popstars road. 21 year-old Julie Strickland has put a lot of time and effort into becoming a Popstar and is waiting to move her life forward. Julie is a seasoned performer... playing at corporate functions with her band "Hot Sauce" as well as private parties with her cousin, and fellow Popstar Finalist, Azaria. Julie's family and friends have always been supportive of her career, and her sister is her number one fan. With 3 positions at Pop Central already filled, will Julie's strong voice and confident personality be what the judges are looking for? Has she got what it takes to fill the fourth slot? Chris arrives to deliver the judges’ verdict – Julie’s going to Sydney. 19 year-old James Campbell is realistic about his chances. James has always wanted to perform - ever since performing in his local school production of "Oliver". His relaxed style, and his model good looks, make him a popular member of the Popstars group. It’s decision time for James. Good news or bad, within a matter of moments the waiting will be over. Again, Chris is on hand to deliver the news – it’s good. James Campbell has what the judges are looking for, and he will be packing his bags for the move to Pop Central. Melbourne’s Tess Collard is hoping that she, too, will get the opportunity to move to Sydney with James and the others. 18 year-old Tess certainly made the most of her time at the workshop, taking full advantage of the advice on offer from choreographer Cameron Mitchell and vocal coach Mark Williams. For Tess, it’s decision time, and Matt Medcraf is the one chosen to break the news. Tess has been waiting anxiously for the judges’ decision. Will she be moving to Sydney to be part of Pop Central? No. Tess is consoled by her family. For the judges, breaking the news is a difficult job. The dedication and talent of all the finalists has been exceptional, but not everyone can go to the next stage. 21 year-old Queenslander, Azaria, is the next finalist preparing for a visit from one of the judges. Experienced musician Azaria has played in many bands around Brisbane, including "The Mad Agents" in which he is the vocalist, guitarist and drummer. Azaria’s romantic and individual style quickly gained him attention. Not all the judges were as convinced of his talent as Chris, but Azaria’s impressive performances at the workshop saw Matt and Jackie reconsider their original position. Azaria is constantly trying new things and likes to keep everyone guessing, including his father. And it’s Chris who’s been chosen to break the news, and with the stakes so high there’s no time to play favourites. Azaria’s father and friends give the pair some privacy and wait anxiously for the outcome. The news is good for Azaria. Azaria and his cousin Julie have every reason to celebrate. Both will be moving to Pop Central, and both will be vying to be the world’s first solo Popstar. Azaria brings the Popstar tally to six - only one position remains. On either side of the country, Adelaide’s Luke Fassbender and Sydney’s Cherie Lucas nervously await the inevitable knock at the door. 18 year-old Cherie impressed everyone with her enthusiasm and dedication during the auditions and is proud of how far through the Popstars process she has made it. On the other side of the country Luke is equally philosophical. After a shaky start at the cattle calls, 21 year-old Luke’s original song-writing and singing talents made the judges sit up and take notice. There is strictly a limit of seven places available at Pop Central. Only one more can make it through. Who will it be? Luke or Cherie? The judges’ verdict is delivered – Cherie is in and Luke is out. The final seven are locked in. And now the decision on who will be the world’s first solo Popstar is in your hands.

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Episode 7
The hard work has paid off. For the final seven, it’s a life changing experience as one by one they arrive at their new home, Pop Central. As the final seven make themselves at home, the realisation of their new glamorous Popstar lifestyle sinks in. It seems they’ve got it all. But for how long? In a few short weeks, one of the seven will be revealed as the Worlds’ first solo Popstar. But in the meantime, it’s down to business. Judge and Warner Music Executive Matt Medcraf has arrived to let the team know what's first on their agenda. He explains that they will each be recording their own version of the Stevie Wonder classic "Superstition". In this way, they get a chance to display their unique approaches and personalities on something that the public can then listen to and compare. With the help of vocal coach Mark Williams, it’s straight into rehearsals. The demanding deadline means that the final seven will be divided into two groups. Each team will work simultaneously with their respective producers. They set to work with enthusiasm. For many of the finalists it’s their first time in a recording studio. Building a close working relationship with the Producers is crucial. The pressing deadline means the seven finalists have a limited amount of time with their producers. After an exhausting recording session and settling into their new home, the finalists now have time to relax - something that’s not too hard to do when you’re living in a house with its own swimming pool and squash court! It’s Day Two at Pop Central. With a pre-dawn wake-up call for a TV Week photo-shoot, any first impressions of a glamorous Popstar life seem a million miles away. It’s the first taste of publicity for the Final 7. TV Week is highlighting the seven finalists with a featured article and lift out poster. Being pampered and styled to suit the TV week audience is fun for some, but others are not so sure. Scott takes to it like a duck to water, but Azaria finds it more of a struggle. Thanks to a mammoth effort by the finalists, their single is complete. Seven distinctly different versions of "Superstition" have been recorded. In an unprecedented turnaround, the CD has already been pressed and shipped to stores right across the country. And Matt Medcraf has some exciting news – the single has shipped gold from the warehouse. Over at Warner Music, Jackie, Chris and Matt meet up to hear the finished tracks for the first time. They’re impressed with what they hear. At the end of their listening session, Chris Moss, one of the judges from the first series of Popstars, pops in to say hello. He is also impressed with the calibre of the performances on the CD. With a week of hard work behind them, the Final 7 have a chance to catch up on their favourite TV show – Popstars, of course! It’s the episode where each finalist received the all-important news. They delight in seeing their various reactions. With the Final 7 CD in stores all over the country, it’s time to hit the publicity trail - starting off with an exclusive appearance on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight. Next, it’s off to Take40 for some radio interviews and then their first meeting with the public at a single signing session at HMV, Sydney. It’s the end of the first week at Pop Central, and that means it's announcement time. In a few moments, Jackie O will receive a call from the phone centre telling her the name of the finalist who received the least votes in the first Pop Poll. Six of the seven have invited their number one fan to be with them at Pop Central when the news comes through. And among the group is a familiar face, Troy’s wife and one time Popstar hopeful, Trevelyn. But Troy’s biggest fan is his two year old son Duke. Also there for support are Azaria’s Grandmother and Scott Cain’s Mum. James has specifically asked that no one be there for him when the announcement is made. The time has come. Any moment now the phone will ring and Jackie will be told who received the least votes in the first Pop Poll. Nearby, watching on closed circuit TV, the finalist’s number one fans nervously await the outcome. The call is received – Troy is not going to be the Popstar. Over the weeks Jackie, Chris and Matt have formed a close bond with all 7 finalists. Saying goodbye to any one of them is a sad occasion. The remaining finalists are equally distraught. The fact that it is your decision, not the judges', does not make the moment any easier. The slate is wiped clean and a new Pop Poll begins. It’s time to vote again for your favorite Popstar. Who do you want to see stay at Pop Central? Dial 1902 555 777, then if you think the Popstar should be... ...Danielle, press 1 ...Cherie, press 3 ...Julie, press 4 ...Azaria, press 5 ...James, press 6 ...or Scott, press 7

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Episode 8
As the remaining six prepare for their first public performance they are only too aware that they may be the next to go. Your votes have been counted. Tonight Six will become five. It’s week two at Pop Central and the departure of Troy Brady has left the remaining finalists with mixed feelings. They all realise that someone will go each week. It’s sad but only one will be left at the end. That inevitably means that six have to go! Matt Medcraf has arrived (at Pop Central) with news of the finalist’s next assignment. Each must perform a song of their choice at an exclusive invitation only live concert. With help from vocal coach Mark Williams and choreographer Cameron Mitchell each finalist comes to grips with their latest task. Cherie has chosen one of her own compositions - written from the heart - to perform at Popstars the concert. Opting to perform a cover rather than an original song, Azaria has selected a favourite Joy Division track. Julie has decide to go with her heart and perform one of her own songs. Cameron and Mark help Danielles work through her interpretation of a Leanne Rimes Song. The life of a Popstar holds surprises around every corner. Warner music have arranged for the finalists to attend an exclusive, invitation only performance by International singer songwriter Alanis Morresette. The six finalists take a well-earned break from their rehearsals. And these days every outing brings a reminder of their popularity. For the finalists, meeting fans and signing autographs is still a new and exciting experience. In the lead up to their first live concert, the finalists arrange a ‘Work in Progress’ performance of their songs for Jackie, Chris and Matt and the coaches. Although no longer deciding their future, the judges and coaches offer their honest reactions and advice on each of the finalists chosen songs. It’s up to the individual whether they take the advice on board or not. It’s the end of a busy day and Chris & Matt have decided on the spur of the moment to cook dinner for the finalists. And there’s no guessing who Chris’ son Jack hopes will become the Popstar. Chris and Matt’s BBQ is a big hit with all at Pop Central. All that is except for vegetarian Azaria who prefers to accept Chris’ son Jacks challenge to a game of chess. Despite all their dedication and rehearsals the harsh reality is that only five of six remaining finalists will get to perform at the Popstars concert next week. In the meantime, the judges’ advice is invaluable. It’s announcement time. In a few moments Jackie O will receive a call from the phone centre telling her the name of the finalist who received the least votes in this weeks Pop Poll. Once again, the finalist’s number one fans gather from all over the country to be with them at Pop Central when the news comes through. Back is Azaria’s Grandmother and Scott Cain’s Mum Dawn. Danielle’s godmother Trish, Cherie’s boyfriend Mark and Julie’s sister Leanne rounds out the support team. The time has come. Any moment now the phone will ring and Jackie will be told who received the least votes in the second Pop Poll. Nearby, watching on closed circuit TV, the finalist’s number one fans anxiously await the news. Jackie receives the news: it’s Azaria who received the least votes this week! The viewers have spoken. And it seems every departure from Pop Central is as tough on judges as it is on the finalists. With Azaria gone a new viewer poll begins. It’s time to vote again for your favorite Popstar. Who do you want to see stay at Pop Central? Dial 1902 555 777, then if you think the Popstar should be ...Danielle press 1 For Cherie press 3 For Julie press 4 For James press 6 And if you think Scott should be the Popstar press 7

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Episode 9
With another finalist departing from Pop Central every week the pressure on the remaining hopefuls is starting to take it’s toll. In the countdown to their first ever Popstars live performance, pre-show nerves start to kick in. Adding to the pre show anxiety, vocal coach Mark Williams has an extra task for finalists. They each have to learn a new song to perform at the concert. Now with two songs to work up to performance level, the pressure is on for the final five. In the run up to showtime the finalists rely heavily on Mark and choreographer Cameron Mitchell for advice and support. After some less than subtle advice from judge Chris Murphy, James has decided to perform a different original song at the Popstars concert than he had first intended. The eve of the Popstars first live Performance has coincided with Scott’s 21st birthday. It’s time for the finalists to let their hair down - and in James’ case his pants - as they celebrate Scott’s big day. After receiving a fan letter from Year 8 student Jessica Lake, the finalists make her day by taking up an invitation to visit her school. 12 year-old student and future Popstar hopeful, Christian Jallis, wasn’t going to let the Popstars go without showcasing his own talent. The day of the concert has arrived and the fans gather in eager anticipation for the exclusive "invitation only" performance. Among the well-wishers dropping by the dressing rooms are fellow workshop finalists Luke Fassbender and Emma Wilson. It’s showtime and first to face the fans is Danielle. Later, Cherie follows her original composition with a classic Monkees track. After an sensitive performance of an original ballad, Julie lets loose with a timeless Supremes’ number. The Popstars concert is a big hit with the fans, but for one of the remaining finalists this will be their last taste of Popstardom. James' original song is a hit with the fans, and he follows it up with an Easybeats favourite. As promised, Scott dedicates his rendition of Leo Sayer's "When I Need" to his grandmother. The Popstars concert has gone off without a hitch. Leaving the theatre in one piece, however, may not be so easy. And back at Pop Central there’s another surprise awaiting birthday boy Scott – it’s a call from Leo Sayer. Leo gives Scott some advice on how to put heart into his singing. He also wishes them all luck. It’s announcement time. In a few moments Jackie O will receive a call from the phone centre telling her the name of the finalist who received the least votes in this week's Pop Poll. Once again, the finalist’s number one fans gather from all over the country to be with them at Pop Central when the news comes through. Back is Scott Cain’s mum, Dawn; Danielle’s godmother, Trish; Cherie’s boyfriend, Mark; and Julie’s sister, Leanne. Although James normally prefers to face announcement day alone, today is his sister Kathleen’s 18th birthday, so he has invited her to be with him. The time has come. Any moment now the phone will ring, and Jackie will be told who received the least votes in the third Pop Poll. Nearby, watching on closed circuit TV, the finalists' Number One fans anxiously await the news. Once again the viewers have spoken – this time it’s James’ turn to leave Pop Central. And it’s a sad occasion for judges and finalists alike. With James gone a new viewer poll begins. It’s time to vote again for your favorite Popstar. Who do you want to see stay at Pop Central? Dial 1902 555 777, then if you think the Popstar should be...
Danielle, press 1
Cherie, press 3
Julie, press 4
And if you think the Popstar should be Scott, press 7

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Episode 10
With only four hopefuls remaining, the mood has shifted at Pop Central. The one time party house has taken on a more serious atmosphere as the final four eye the big prize. The announcement of the world’s first solo Popstar is speedily approaching, and it’s time for the remaining finalists to pay a visit to Warner Music to discuss the winning Popstars' all-important first single. The sad fact is that for three of the four finalists this will be their first and last visit to the Popstars' record company. It’s down to business. From dozens of demos, a track must be found that will not only lend itself to unique interpretations by the four remaining finalists but also have all the hallmarks of a hit single. A decision has been made. "All Seats Taken", a track from European hitmakers, Epicentre, is being considered as the potential single should one of the girls become the solo Popstar. If Scott makes it through, a song from New Radicals songsmith Greg Alexander has been earmarked for release. Now that the potential single tracks have been decided, it’s time to hit the rehearsal rooms. With help from vocal coach Mark Williams and support and advice from Jackie O, the four remaining finalists attempt to get a handle on the new songs. Despite a demanding day in the rehearsal studio, the finalists still manage to find enough energy to enjoy the trappings of their Popstar lifestyle – as they attend the premiere of the film "Panic Room". If ever the heady life of a Popstar seems overwhelming for the finalists, a simple get together with family is always good for a reality check. Joining the remaining finalists for an informal dinner are ‘Number One Fans’ Dawn Cain - Scott’s Mum, Danielle’s Godmother Trish, Julie’s sister Leanne and Cherie’s mum Mary. It’s nine o’clock the next morning, and the finalists have arranged to perform an acoustic first run through of the potential Popstars single for Warner’s Managing Director, Chris Moss. As head of the solo Popstars’ record company and with 25 years in the music business under his belt, Chris’ feedback is invaluable. The finalists' stripped back performances of what could become their debut single seem to be going well. But for one of the remaining four this will be the closest they will ever come to Popstardom. Despite some initial reservations, Scott is starting to sound very comfortable with his song. It’s announcement time. In a few moments, Jackie O will receive a call from the phone centre telling her the name of the finalist who received the least votes in this week's Pop Poll. Once again, the finalists' Number One fans gather from all over the country to be with them at Pop Central when the news comes through. Offering support is Scott Cain’s Mum Dawn, Danielle’s Godmother Trish, Cherie’s boyfriend Mark and Julie’s sister Leanne. And it seems it just doesn’t get any easier. The time has come. Any moment now the phone will ring and Jackie will be told who received the least votes in the fouth Pop Poll. Nearby, watching on closed circuit TV, the finalists' Number One fans anxiously await the news. The phone rings, the verdict’s in – Julie is out! Passing on the viewers' decision is a tough job - but for the judges and the remaining finalists saying goodbye is even tougher. It’s also hard news for Julie’s fans in Innisfail.  

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Episode 11
With only three hopefuls remaining, Pop Central has fast become an empty and serious place, as each of the final three retreat within themselves in the countdown to the final announcement. In less than 24 hours, the three finalists have a date in the recording studio. While Scott puts in some last minute rehearsal time with Mark Williams on his potential single track, Warner Music executive and judge Matt Medcraf has requested a emergency meeting with Cherie and Danielle. The news is not good. Due to publishing issues, the song they had intended to record is no longer available to them. Another artist in the UK had put a hold on the song a day earlier. They must now learn a new song. The good news is that Matt and Chris have already selected a replacement track, and the two songwriters are waiting downstairs to introduce them to the song. Multi-talented artists, writers and producers Dennis and Darren Dowlut, also known as Kaylan, are currently taking the music industry by storm. After the initial shock, Kaylan’s recently penned song "Tell Me If You Like It" is a hit with both Cherie and Danielle. Both girls are confident that they can make the song their own. With the winners' photo session and video shoot looming, the finalists meet up with stylist Crystal James and hair and make-up artist Gavin Ainsberry to discuss potential image ideas. Of course, a discussion about styling is as good excuse as any to hit the shops. With the announcement of the worlds’ first solo Popstar drawing ever-closer, music industy heavy-weight and Popstars judge, Chris Murphy, has invited the remaining three finalists to lunch to offer a few words of advice. He explains that they need to have long term objectives, not to get caught up in the hype and to be prepared for what’s going to happen. It’s time to start recording the solo Popstars debut single. From Day One, this is what the finalists have been working towards. Acclaimed producer Michael Szumanzki is already hard at work on all three tracks in the running to be the Popstars debut single. For Scott’s track, "I’m Moving On", Michael is keen to try for a raw organic approach. Cherie is hoping her version of the Kaylan track "Tell Me If You Like It" will end up having a tough, hard-edged feel. In Danielle’s hands, "Tell Me If You Like It" looks set take on a classic pop sound. For the second track on the upcoming Popstars single, the finalists will record a version of the cover song they each recently performed in concert acoustically. On the spur of the moment, vocal coach Mark Williams has arranged for the finalists to work their song up with a full band. They hold an impromptu concert on the roof of a Sydney bar. First to entertain the lunchtime regulars is Danielle with a rendition of the Janis Joplin classic "Piece of My Heart". The finalists' unannounced rooftop performance seems to be causing a bit of a stir, but for one of the remaining three the smiles will quickly disappear as announcement time approaches. Scott does Leo Sayer proud one more time with his beefed up take on "When I Need You". Cherie then performs "Day Dream Believer" for the enthusiastic crowd. The afternoon concert is a hit with the locals and bridge climbers alike. It’s announcement time. In a few moments Jackie O will receive a call from the phone centre telling her the name of the finalist who received the least votes in this week's Pop Poll. Once again, the finalist’s Number One fans gather to be with them at Pop Central when the news comes through. Offering support is Scott's Mum Dawn, Danielle’s godmother Trish, and Cherie’s boyfriend Mark. The time has come. For the second to last time the viewers have spoken. It’s Cherie’s turn to leave. For Jackie and the remaining finalists, saying goodbye never gets any easier

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Episode 12

Your votes have been counted. Tonight two will become one.

Over the weeks, finalists Scott Cain and Danielle Stearman have watched on anxiously as one by one their friends at Pop Central disappeared. With every departure they were only too aware that they could be the next to go. Tonight’s phone call will change one of their lives forever. Dreading the final announcement almost as much as Danielle and Scott are judges, Jackie O, Chris Murphy and Matt Medcraf who, over the months, have formed a close bond with both finalists.

In the studio, Scott tries to keep his mind off the impending announcement by throwing himself headlong into his work. Scott’s take on the solo Popstars’ debut single is quickly taking shape. And there’s no doubting he’s come a long way since his original Popstar audition in Perth. Although Scott had been living in WA for over a year, he was born and raised in the NSW coastal town of Port Macquarie where his mum Dawn still lives. She explains how he’s always been an easy-going, fun-loving kid who loves life. She also mentions his love of skateboarding and how he’s always concussing and injuring himself!

With the announcement of the worlds’ first solo Popstar just around the corner, trying to ignore the impending announcement seems to be the order of the day. For Danielle, singing has been a life long passion. From the age of five, any family gathering was an excuse to perform and perform her way.

As the final announcement speedily approaches, Matt has arranged from both Danielle & Scott to have a one-on-one meeting with Carlotta Moye, the woman who will direct the winning popstar's music clip. With two songs in the running to be the single, plans need to be put in place for two distinctive approaches. Danielle’s video will be set in a dance club, whilst Scott’s will have an urban street setting. They are both excited by the storyboards.

Now that initial plans are in place for the solo Popstar's video clip, choreographer and Popstars coach Cameron Mitchell has been called in to begin work on presentation and dance ideas for Danielle & Scott. If Danielle becomes the solo Popstar, dance would play a featured part in the music video for "Tell Me if You Like it". With that in mind, Cameron has enlisted a pair of professional dancers to appear alongside Danni in the clip.

With the result of the final viewer phone poll about to be announced, Danielle & Scott take time out to look back at their Popstars journey with one time judge/now good friend, Matt Medcraf. Reviewing the original auditions, Matt’s early impressions of Scott come back to haunt him. He wasn’t that impressed originally! Reliving the pressure cooker environment of the workshop, Scott’s quirky audition piece seems like a brave choice. Scott wonders how he made it through!

So much has happened since Scott and Danielle were told they’d made the final seven, but the day still holds special memories for both of them. Over the weeks, both Danielle and Scott have come to rely heavily on the advice and support of their coaches, Mark Williams and Cameron Mitchell.

From the raw talent they displayed at the cattle calls, both Scott and Danielle have evolved into strong and confident performers - but only one of can be the winner. With the announcement of the winner speedily approaching, Scott and Danielle’s schedule slides into overdrive, and today starts off with an early morning visit to Seven’s ‘Sunrise’. They also have to deal with media speculation that "love" is blossoming between them!

The pace shows no signs of easing as the pair find themselves preparing for the Popstars CD cover shoot. Scott gets a more funky hair-do and they both get extensive pampering in preparation. The photography and artwork for the CD cover and publicity material will be completed for both Danielle and Scott. One promotional campaign will hit music stores all over the country, the other is destined for the recycle bin.

A couple of hours later, the proofs arrive. And they’re met with a mixed response. Scott likes all of his shots, but Danielle isn’t so comfy with some of the images where her hair is pulled back rather severely. The boys seem to like them though – but it appears that might be because of the short skirt Danielle is wearing!

In the lead up to announcement time, Jackie O has invited Danielle and Scott to her Hot radio show for the last time before the winner is revealed. Not unexpectedly, Jackie O’s radio partner Kyle does not let Scott and Danielle leave the studio without a final request. He wants to see who is the most successful as a busker. This, he thinks, will indicate who should win! When it comes to busking, Danielle and Scott seem pretty evenly matched, so Kyle will have to say tuned to the show to find out the winner, just like everyone else.

With both versions of the solo Popstar's single nearing completion, and time quickly running out, Scott and Danielle must complete a second track for the winner’s debut CD. Each will record a version of the pop classic they recently performed in concert. Danielle’s rendition of Janis Joplin’s ‘Piece of My Heart’ is taking on a strong pop feel, while Scott adds his own unique style to his favourite Leo Sayer song "When I Need You".

On the very first day the final seven hopefuls arrived at Pop Central, Jackie O asked them to write down who they predicted would be the winning Popstar. It transpires that none of them picked either Danielle or Scott to win! Despite their fellow finalists' predictions, the viewers have spoken, and the two underdogs are now top dogs. But there can only be one Popstar.

It’s announcement time. In a few moments Jackie O will receive a call from the phone centre telling her the name of the finalist who received the least votes in this week's Pop Poll. 25 Once again, the Danielle and Scott’s Number One fans arrive to be with them at Pop Central when the news comes through. And there are some new faces. Offering support along with Scott’s Mum Dawn, is his Brother David, and his Grandmother Kathleen. There for Danielle is her Mother Debbie, Sister Samantha and Godmother Trish.

The time has come. Any moment now the phone will ring and Jackie will be told who received the least votes in the last Pop Poll – and consequently, who is the overall winner! Scott and Danielle’s Number One fans stand close by for support. Watching nearby on closed circuit TV are Judges Chris Murphy and Matt Medcraf. Joining them is the head of the Popstars’ record company, Warner’s Chief Chris Moss and choreographer and coach Cameron Mitchell.

The votes are in - the world’s first solo Popstar is Scott Cain. And, as Danielle’s dreams of Popstardom come to an end, Scott tries to come to terms with the result. There are congratulations all round.

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Episode 13

It’s the very first day that Scott Cain has woken up to the knowledge that after a long and eventful journey, he is the Popstar - and it takes a bit of getting used to!

Unfortunately, the glamorous life of a Popstar does not allow for leisurely mornings. It’s six am as Scott arrives on location for the making of his first ever music clip and, for the former furniture polisher, the magnitude of the event comes as a bit of a shock. Scott has a good time making his video. The video is shot as a street scene with Scott hanging out with his posy of friends.

Over at Warner Music, the Popstar’s record company, Promotions Manager Ben Facey talks Scott through his frantic publicity schedule. And the frantic media attention is quickly becoming a way of life for Scott.

For regular visitors to the Popstar’s web site, an exclusive on-line web chat has been set up at Mediasat to allow fans to ask Scott the questions they’ve always wanted to. An exhaustive first day of publicity winds up with a live hook up with Jackie O and her radio partner, Kyle, in Melbourne. It’s the first time Scott has dropped by since becoming the winning Popstar.

With his head still spinning from the sudden onslaught of publicity, Scott takes some quality time out with his family to reflect on all that is happening to him. They enjoy a meal together and discuss how they think Scott will cope with his new found stardom.

Back at Warner music, Managing Director Chris Moss introduces Scott to the woman who will help guide and administer his career, Artist Manager Sloane Howard. Their first meeting concludes with a relaxed lunch and some good news for Scott. At lunch, Chris announces that they’ve decided that they would like Scott to record an entire album.

With his single "I’m Moving On", set to hit stores all around the country this Monday, Scott pays a visit to the CD manufacturing plant for a first glimpse of his debut release. Then, it’s time for Scott to take to the stage for his eagerly awaited first public appearance since being named the winning Popstar. He performs in front of fans at Wonderland, Sydney. For Scott and fans alike it’s a moment to remember.

The finishing touches are being added to the music video for Scott’s debut single "I’m Moving On". After Scott sees the finished clip for the very first time, he's amazed - just months ago, he could have only dreamed of this moment, now it's a reality. It’s been an incredible journey for Scott. Who knows what heights he may scale in the future!  

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