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*Danielle Pops up again*

SHE may have missed out on top spot in Popstars, but that hasn't stopped Melbourne singer Danielle Stearman.

Stearman, 20, was runner-up to winner Scott Cain and has signed a record deal for her single Tell Me if You Like It, the song she recorded while on the show.

"It's a single deal to start with and they are just going to see how the single sells," she told us.

"Fingers crossed it will do well, but it's a bit stressful."

Stearman,  was happy to get a second chance at making it in the pop world.

"Lots of people say I should have won," she said. "But the majority of people voting were teenage girls, so it's a bit hard when you're against such a heart-throb like Scotty."

Talking about Cain being a heart-throb, reports have suggested the two are a bit of an item.

"I caught up with him a couple of weeks ago when he was in Melbourne on a promo trip, but we're just really good friends," Stearman said. "I am single. I don't have a boyfriend – too much work."

Stearman, a country music singer before her time on the show, says if an album deal does not eventuate after her debut single, she plans to keep plugging away.