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Danielle Dictionary!

This is an A-Z of Danielle Stearman. Thanks heaps to fellow Dan fan Amy for helping me fill this out!

A Amazing! One of many words you can use to describe Danielle!
B Barbie! Danielle's nickname from High School!
C Country Music! Danielle's style of music portrayed on Popstars.
D Down-To-Earth! Danielle has real down to earth personality!!!
E Energetic! Danielle is really energetic....well at least I think so! haha
F Freckles! Danielle's fave food is choccie freckles!
G Gherkins! Danielle always thought Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' was 'Like a gherkin!'
H Headstrong! Danielle is a real headstrong girl that believes in her beliefs and succeeds with her own time and effort.
I Intelligent! Danielle can be a real smart cookie!
J Jeans! Danielle's fave type of clothing
K Kurunjang Secondary College! A past school of Danielle's.
L Lollies! Danielle's crrrazy about lollies!!!
M Music! Danielle's biggest passion in life.
N Neighbours! Danielle says she prefers Neighbours to Home and Away.
O Obstacles! Danielle had overcome many obstacles to get where she is today
P POPSTARS! The show that brought fame to Danielle!
Q Quality! Danielle is real star quality!
R Real! Danielle is a REAL artist! She is down to earth and incredibly talented!
S Samantha! Danielle's younger sister is Samantha!
T Tell Me If You Like It! Danielle's debut single - we don't like it. We LOVE it!!!
U Under rated! Danielle is under rated! People don't believe how awesome she is!
V Victorian! Danielle was the only person from Victoria in the final 7!
W Westco! Danielle was the manager of a Westco store!
X Xtraordinary! The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra! Danielle puts in that little bit extra!!!
Y YAY! Danielle loves to say *YAY*!!! She said it when she got through a stage on Popstars!
Z Zest! Danielle brought Zest into Pop Central!!!