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*Danielle's Confession*

Popstars runner-up Danielle Stearman has a confession to make. For years she thought Madonna's classic 'Like A Virgin' was actually called 'Like A Gherkin'.

Danielle told Undercover News "I always thought it was called "Like A Gherkin". For years I used to sing to myself "Like A Gherkin". I was very young an innocent. Someone only told me a few weeks ago what it was really called" she laughed.

Being number 2 in the Popstars third Australian series has made no difference to Danielle's career path. The winner Scott Cain was given a contract with Warner Music. So was she. Danielle has just released her first single "Tell Me You Like It".

She says she's all for abusing her Popstar fame with her record company. "Yeah, I can ring Warner and say "I need gherkin suits and I need them by 5pm" she said. Of course, that's not really what happens by Danielle has a real sense of humour for the position she suddenly found herself in in the industry. "I have no expectations" she told Undercover. "No expectations means no disappointments".

She also wants to put and end to the rumours she is going out with the winner Scott Cain. "I think the rumour started because we were the last two left. I read I was going out with nearly everyone on the show at one time or another". Being a good friend of Scott's has not helped the case either. "Scott was in Melbourne where I live a few weeks back. I showed him around Melbourne for the day and the very next day it was in the newspapers".

Although she realises her 15 minutes of fame may have been activated by the Popstars show she has no regrets. "There is no going back to normal" she says. "You can make somebody's day just by saying hello. It is nice".