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*Cain's ready and able for stardom*

PERTH Popstars finalist Scott Cain loves the limelight and is determined to continue as a celebrity - whether he wins or loses tonight.
The effervescent Cain, billed as the hot favourite, said being a star was the only life for him.
"This is it for me. I love the life of a celebrity - it feels great to be loved and to know I can make someone's day just by smiling," he said.
The young Queen's Park father is confident he will win the third series of the Channel 7 competition which has engrossed teenagers across Australia. If voted No. 1 by TV viewers, he will win a rich recording deal.
Cain, 21, rates his chances of beating rival Danielle Stearman, 20, of Victoria, at 2:1.
He refused to confirm or deny rumours that the two were dating and that the finals had stressed their budding romance.
"She's a great girl - we live together at Pop Central - so I see a lot of her. We will definitely stay in close contact no matter what happens - but that's all I will say," he said.
Walking the red carpet last Thursday at the Sydney premiere of Britney Spears' new movie Crossroads, Cain garnered the support of Home and Away starlets, models and Popstars products, Tiffany from Bardot and Daniela from Scandal'Us.
"I took a video camera down the red carpet and recorded the girls saying: `I am voting for Scott Cain on Popstars'," he said.
Born in Port Macquarie, NSW, where his two-year-old daughter Zoe lives, Cain made the decision to pack his bags and head to Perth last September to work in his cousin's furniture polishing business.
Late last year, he went along to the Popstars auditions thinking it would be fun.
Cain auditioned against hundreds of WA, and thousands of national, hopefuls. He made it through many cullings before reaching the final.
The first series of Popstars resulted in the formation of girls group Bardot, which recently split. Last year's winners formed mixed pop group Scandal' Us, and have enjoyed some success in the charts.