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21 year old Danielle Stearman from Victoria is best known for being a finalist in the 1st and 3rd POPSTARS series. Being the youngest to make it into the workshops in the first Popstars series (where she only made it to the final 25), Danielle returned for the third series and wowed the audience and judges with her talent. Even Jackie O (judge of all 3 Popstars series) was surprised by how much Danielle had improved. Danielle had made all her friends, family and fans proud by making it to the final round of the third series before she got out polled by fellow finalist and winner, Scott Cain. 

The audience was told by the show that the runner up's single would end up in the bin but they were wrong - Danielle is here and with her awesome single "Tell me if you like it".  Also on her cd is her b-side - Janis Joplin's "Piece of my heart" which she did a rendition of, but it has been said that Danielle sings the song better than the original artists do! 

From a young age, Danielle has been involved in school and state choirs, concerts, musicals and plays. Danielle came 3rd in the Country Rock Male/Female section and 2nd in the Senior female Vocal section at the Top of the State Country Music Festival in Mildura. 

Danielle was born a performer and  this has been a great start for the amazing Popstar!