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Next Big Hit - Danielle Stearman

Runner-up in the last series of Popstars to Scott Cain, Melbourne gal Danielle Stearman is now rather sensibly releasing her own debut single "Tell me if you Like it!"

She didn't expect to become a pop star!

Despite the fact Danielle came second on Popstars and had already recorded a different song to Scott, she says she was shocked when she found out her record company wanted to go ahead with releasing it. "I just found out a few weeks ago," she says. "The track came up really good - I'm a bit biased (laughs). When Scotty won they were like, 'It's a really good track', but I really didn't know because it depended on contracts and all that stuff. So I only really knew recently."

She could have been in Bardot!

"I auditioned for the first Popstars and my dad was very sick when I did those auditions in Sydney. He'd just had an operation on his brain, so I was there surrounded by 25 other girls who were so excited and all I wanted to do is go home and see my dad. I watch the video now and think, 'You just weren't happy, were you?' But the next time I went in more focussed and I knew what I wanted."

Her song was stolen by Holly Valance! (kinda)

Popstars viewers will remmeber that song before Danielle got her hands on the song "Tell me if you like it", she was going to record another song called "All Seats Taken", until Holly Valance decided to record it instead! "It was all hush-hush, but her manager got onto it before we did," Dan says. "I don't know whether it's the her single, but that's just part of the hassle with not doing an original song. Holly stole my song!" she laughs. "When I first heard 'All Seats Taken' I nearly jumped out of my seat because I was so excited because it was a really funky track, but when we couldn't have it, it was crushing."

She's been linked to everyone at Pop Central!

When asked about her rumoured romance with Popstars winner Scott Cain, Danielle laughs loudly. "I thought that was all over!" she says. "I thought he'd have to deal with it and I'd be swept under the carpet. Everybody is asking me! I didn't think the rumour was that big until I got back to Melbourne and even my friends were like, 'Were you with Scott?' I said. 'Do I look like I was with Scott?' Then all the stuff about his little girl came out, and I thought, 'They'll be over me, there's another blonde in his life now.' In the first week where we were in the house there were rumours that I was with James. One radio station had a segment, Who Is The Blonde With?! The first week it was with James, then Azaria and I were under a blanket, so it was definitely Azaria. Then when he left I was back on with James, and when James left they said I was devastated about who'd be the next to go, then I was on with Scotty! So I went through the whol house bar Troy."