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*A Popstar No More*

It was the first goodbye from pop central. On Sunday Troy Brady received his eviction order when he came in last after tens of thousands of viewers voted for their favourite Popstar.

Troy says despite the disappointment, he is thankful to have made it this far.

"When she got the phone call and picked up the phone I was just watching her, like I was nervous and shaking and butterflies at the same time," he said.

"I feel devastated but at the same time I feel happy that I've actually made it to where I have."

The six remaining finalists were shocked that Troy, their unofficial leader, had been flicked from their tight-knit group.

"I couldn't believe it when Troy's name was read out because out of any of us, Troy would be there to the end," James Campbell said.

"He always made me feel like because he was so happy to be here, it made me feel I was lucky to be here," Scott Cain said.

There was deep shock at Troy's departure.

But the judges, former INXS manager Chris Murphy, Popstars host and Sydney radio DJ Jackie 0 and record label manager Matt Medcraf, believe the public must make the final decision, even though there has been limited performance material to separate the contestants.

"People hadn't had a good opportunity to see Troy in the performance scenario, which is where he shines as a person and artist," Mr Medcraf said.

Troy's wife Trevelyn knows the agony of Popstars elimination.

From the original 6000 entries, she made it through to the final 25, while Troy made it to the grand final.

"I think his style is very versatile, where it could have been either way," Trevelyn said.

But Troy will not let this initial setback shake his confidence.

"I feel in my heart that there is something out there for myself," he said.

Troy and Trevleyn will continue performing together and Troy has a CD set for release.

Meanwhile, the six remaining Popstars remain doubtful about the way the public may be casting their votes.

"It's a popularity contest, that's what it comes down to," Danielle Stearman said.

The six survivors must now knuckle down to a fresh week of viewer phone-ins.

To ensure your favourite contestant does not make a hasty exit next Sunday, punch in their number after dialling 1902 555 777.