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*And then there were three*

Over the past three weeks singer-songwriters Troy, Azaria and James were eliminated from the seven Popstars finalists. This time when the phone rang at pop central, it was the first farewell to a girl - Julie Strickland

Julie, 21, had been one of the favourites from the start.

Her version of the Popstars' recently released cover of Superstition helped the single make it to the top 10 on the charts.

"I'm a big believer in fate and in what's meant to be is meant to be and that everything happens for the good, so there's something better for me out there," she said.

"All week I kind of knew and had this feeling, especially today. I put on my lucky charms and my lucky bracelet from my mum but I just knew."

Julie's younger sister Lee was there to console her

Lee is convinced the exposure Julie received from Popstars will kick start her recording career.

"She's amazing. She's a really special person. She's got an amazing gift that she can do so much with," Lee said.

The remaining Popstars finalists were also shocked at the news.

"Julie I thought really deserved to win this," Danielle said.

"It's crazy to think that out of 6,000 we're down to three," Scott said.

"It feels like a lot of pressure and I'm the last boy. I didn't think it would be me who went today - couldn't be all the guys go at once, could it?"

In a fortnight we will know whether Danielle, Scott or Cherie will be crowned the solo Popstar, winning a record deal for a single and the option to record an album.

As the three remaining Popstars rehearse the single one of them will get to record, judges Matt Medcraf, Jackie O and Chris Murphy believe the final two weeks will become a serious test of wills and personalities in a shrinking household.

"Superficially they all get on well. Underneath there's got to be a serious competitiveness and if there isn't, they won't go on to be a Popstar," Mr Murphy said.

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