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*And then there were 5*

Following a week of anticipation, another finalist has been evicted. Six nervous Popstars were thankful to see their hopes stay alive. One received a dreaded phone call and then there were five.

Last night, Jackie O broke the bad news to Azaria, the latest Popstars finalist to be evicted.

"To me a lot of this had nothing to do with music at all. It was more about building the characters," he said.

While Azaria is grateful for the opportunity to take part in the show and the doors it could open, he feels the sound he is experimenting with did not fit comfortably within the Popstars concept.

"The whole cliche thing - when you win, you lose - and for me winning this wouldn't be my bag," he said.

"It was a challenge for me. It was getting out of my comfort zone."

For the five surviving Popstars Scott, Julie, Danielle, Cherie and James, there is a collective sigh of relief but they now face a fresh week of telephone voting.

"I think every cutting process is just going to be another shock for us because as much as you analyse who is going to win for this reason and that reason, at the end of the day, you've got no idea," Cherie said.

"Our careers are just starting whether you're the person that wins or not, because we're all going to get something out of this," Julie said.

When Troy Brady was eliminated last week the judges who'd picked the final seven Popstars, Matt Medcraf, Jackie O and Chris Murphy, were shocked by the public's choice.

"We're seeing the greatest survey ever done on the Australian audience of what they perceive as a pop artist," Mr Murphy said.

Then came Azaria's eviction.

"I'm surprised again, I've got to say. I didn't pick this one," Jackie O said.

"I'm surprised it's another guy. I thought the majority of the audience were young female voters. Obviously I'm wrong there," Mr Medcraf said.

Each week contestants choose a close friend or relative to witness the moment someone departs, in case it's them.

Azaria's grandmother Betty was his first choice.

"He's got a lovely nature. He's very thoughtful, kind and generous," she said.

"Granny has just always just loved me unconditionally," Azaria said.

When the judges were asked whom the voting public would pick as the ultimate winner, it was a split decision.

Mr Medcraf picked Scott, Jackie O went for James and Mr Murphy is going with Danielle or James.

To enter this week's phone poll just select the number of your favourite contestant by dialling 1902 555 777.