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*A Crack at Stardom*

As the seven popstar wannabes arrived for their first television interview it marked the beginning of a selection process that will see only one of them mount the stairway to pop heaven.

Meet the magnificent seven - Troy Brady, Danielle Stearman, James Campbell, Cherie Lucas, Azaria, Julie Strickland and Scott Cain.

It started six months ago when 5,000 hopefuls agonised their way though auditions for a crack at stardom.

Weeks later it came down to a few dozen performers the judges believed had that extra something - with more still to give.

On Popstars last night the waiting was over but the final test will soon begin.

Ms Stearman knows exactly what she's in for - she auditioned for Popstars 1.

"I auditioned, cattle-called, did it all ... and it all went to the wire. This time I was like 'this time I'll do it'," she said.

And while only one of them will be the winner, it seems they're all just happy living and working together - for now at least.

"To see who else was in was just as exciting - who you were going to be staying with. All these guys are so talented and we all get on like a house on fire," Ms Lucas said.

Today they released an EP with seven versions of Stevie Wonder's hit, Superstition.

"In the studio they played with you, asked what you wanted and let you play with your voice to find the best of what you've got," Mr Campbell said.

Since it was unfair to ask one of them to sing their own rendition of Superstition at the expense of others, last night they put another version together at their secret-Sydney hideaway and created version eight.

At the end of the week one of these seven hopefuls will be culled and will have to leave the other six.

"Whoever it is, we've had the opportunity to meet great people ... Everyone deserves something out of this," Ms Stearman said.

But for the next six weeks viewer phone-ins will determine which one will say goodbye.

By next Sunday there will be six popstars, the following week just five, until viewers finally declare the voice and performance package they believe is most likely to make it.

To vote for the Popstar of your choice dial 1902 555 777